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Jett Thomas, Fidelity Builders

Increase Employee Productivity
While Protecting Your Company

As a Virginia small business owner, you most likely started your company because you wanted to be in charge of your own destiny and prosperity, and an employee handbook was certainly not a priority. But as you hire staff to help handle your growth, the task of managing those employees — especially those problems, expected and unexpected, that come up — can take more time and effort than any other part of running a business — time you could use for other critical purposes. READ MORE

Easily Solve Difficult Employee
Relations Problems

Small business owners face many difficult problems with employee management, from substance abuse to manipulations of leave time; from disputes over vacation time to serious behavior problems such as theft or violence in the workplace. Your Employee Handbook is written to address these issues head-on, with straightforward policies that are applicable to today’s workplace issues. Policies on equitable leave, financial problems… READ MORE

A Complete Solution for Small
Business HR Management

Your Employee Handbook for Contractors was designed from the ground up to be a complete human resources management system for small businesses in the construction, contracting and trades areas. More than just a simple handbook of policies, this system provides tested, working procedures you can use to guide every aspect of an employee’s life with your company. READ MORE

Plain-English Attorney-Reviewed Language Edited for Contractors

If your employees can’t understand the policies in an employee handbook, they can’t very well follow those policies. This is why Your Employee Handbook for Contractors is written without the usual “legal-ese” of other handbooks, yet is fully reviewed by employment law attorneys for accuracy within the law. When personnel policies are understood, employees follow the guidelines, and appreciate the clarity of how they are to work within your company… READ MORE

Iron-Clad 100% Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee

Choosing an employee handbook for your business is an important decision that can be difficult to make. Much depends on making the right choice: the policies you want to include; how you want to describe and administer those policies; being fair to your employee while protecting your business. We can help with that decision by offering the strongest guarantee on our Your Employee Handbook product  you’ll find…an “iron-clad” guarantee of 100% of your money back… READ MORE

Immediate Download plus
“Forever Access” to Files

Our digital publications are available for you to download within minutes, if nor seconds, of completing your purchase. In fact, you can purchase, download, customize and implement Your Employee Handbook within hours. No long periods of time waiting for drafts from an attorney, or laboriously researching employment law and writing policies that are compliant with all those regulations. Need it now? Get it now and back to making money for your company! READ MORE